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How to Add a Menu to the Landing Page for the Responsive Theme in WordPress

The no top menu is the default setting for the “landing page” in the WordPress Responsive theme.  I prefer to have a menu on my landing page, as I am using it as the home page for my website.  Thus,

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How to Move a Squidoo Lens to Hubpages

I’ve already written some about my lenses getting locked and why I’m moving away from Squidoo.  This article is more about how to get away.  It seems that I have less trouble with HubPages for my lenses that have been

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How to Move Your Lens from Squidoo to Your Own Website

Squidoo has been periodically locking some of my favorite Lenses.  At first I tried to edit them to get them up to Squidoo’s new ambiguous rules, but this is very time consuming.  So now whenever a Lens is locked, I’m

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Squid Locked: Why I’m Slowy Moving My Lenses Away from Squidoo

Squidoo has implemented a Lens filter that scans through lenses and locks them based on some criteria.  This could be good for Squidoo and Lensmakers, as it would weed out the spammy lenses.  It, however, seems to cast too broad

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How to print paypal packing slips with a zebra LP 2844 printer

Whenever I tried to print a paypal packing slip from firefox web browser with my zebra LP2844 printer I would always get an extra blank page. Luckily, this is easily remedied. To fix this problem simply go to the firefox

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Good info for making a pick and place machine with cnc technology

I have been thinking about making a pick and place machine for awhile. The tack I’ve been thinking about taking is to use EMC2 to control the machine. EMC is software for 3d printing or CNC. I figured I would

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How to fix a missing second amd/ati video card

I was having major problems with setting up dual monitors on my computer, and after a half a day, I finally figured out the problem. Hopefully this will save you a few hours. The Setup Before I get to the

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Rating: A friend of mine an I recently had an idea that we thought could make tons of money. In order for our business plan to work, however, we were sure we would need patent protection. Our product would have

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Some useful links for iPhone ios xcode devopment

How to pass data between views with NSUserDefauts Quick info on how to set up the accelerometer. Another accelerometer setup with a high pass filter. How to target older versions of IOS for your iphone program. – I couldn’t get

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