How to Add a Menu to the Landing Page for the Responsive Theme in WordPress

The no top menu is the default setting for the “landing page” in the WordPress Responsive theme.  I prefer to have a menu on my landing page, as I am using it as the home page for my website.  Thus, I update the responsive theme to add the menu.

There is one problem…Each time the theme is updated, the responsive theme gets changed back to no menu, and I can’t ever remember how I did it.  So, I’m writing it down so I can remember how to do it, and hopefully it will help you too.

Step 1:  Fix it!

You need to open your style.css for the responsive theme.  This will be under:


Then you need to find the following code, and comment it out as shown below:

/* =Templates (Landing Page)
————————————————————– */
/*.page-template-landing-page-php .menu,
.page-template-landing-page-php .top-menu,
.page-template-landing-page-php .main-nav,
.page-template-landing-page-php .footer-menu,
.page-template-landing-page-php .sub-header-menu {
display: none;

That’s it, your landing page should now have a menu.


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3 comments on “How to Add a Menu to the Landing Page for the Responsive Theme in WordPress
  1. marv says:

    You are a hero. Thanks so much!

  2. Stef says:

    I was looking for this information. thanks for making it available.

  3. Derek says:

    Easiest way I found was to add the code below under Appearance -> Theme Options -> CSS Styles, and then click on the “Save Options” button. You will need the “Responsive Add Ons” plugin installed – hope this helps someone else someday!

    Here’s the CSS code I used, should be easy enough to modify it to only apply to the menus you are interested in showing:

    .page-template-landing-page-php .menu,
    .page-template-landing-page-php .top-menu,
    .page-template-landing-page-php .main-nav,
    .page-template-landing-page-php .footer-menu,
    .page-template-landing-page-php .sub-header-menu {
    display: block;

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