How to Move a Squidoo Lens to Hubpages

I’ve already written some about my lenses getting locked and why I’m moving away from Squidoo.  This article is more about how to get away.  It seems that I have less trouble with HubPages for my lenses that have been locked.  Thus, below I’ll describe how to move your lens from Squidoo to HubPages.  I also have an article on how to move your Lens to your own website.

Step 1:  Start a New Hub

From your hubpages account page click on “start a hub” in the upper right.  Then fill in the:

  • Hub Title
  • Hub Topic
  • Hub Format

Click “Continue”

Step 2:  Open your Lens for edit

Go to the Lenses tab in your Lensmaster dashboard.

Hover over the lens that you want to edit until the menu pops up.  Then select “edit”.

Step 3:  Move Your Text

In your hubpages editing page, select insert capsule beside your new hub.

Then select “text” from the menu that appears.

Next hover over the new text block, and select “edit”.

Copy the title of your Lens to the Capsule Subtitle.  Then copy your lens text to the Hubpages text block.

Click “save” for your new text block.

Repeat this procedure for each text section of your Squidoo Lens.

Step 4:  Move your pictures

Click again on “insert capsule” in hubpages, but this time select photo.  Then select “edit” for your new photo block.

From the Squidoo Lens, right click on the image that you want to move to your new hub.  Select “Copy Image Location”.  (This is for firefox.)

Now, on the hubpages photo module select “Import”, and paste the url to the URL block.  Then select “import” at the bottom.

This procedure has now copied the picture from Squidoo to your new hub.

If you want to make the text flow around the image like it did in squidoo, then select “Quarter Width”.

Click save to save your picture.

When back to the hub click the right arrow on the photo block that you added, and the text will now flow around the image.  You can also drag the photo block up and down in your hub.

Now, repeat to copy the rest of your images.

Step 5:  Publish

Your are now almost to the end.   Just scroll to the top of your hub and select publish.  You can also go to Squidoo, and delete your old lens.


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